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My Beauty Favorites

My favorite beauty products has been the most requested topic, so I figured why not get all your questions at once in a blog!

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  • CLEANSING Oil (Cleanser): I use jojoba oil, coconut oil and lavender (see my recent post on oil cleansing).

  • ANTI-AGING (Preventative): My “potion” Carrot seed, pomegranate, lavender, vitamin-e, and rose hip oil. Great for sensitive or easily irritated skin.

  • EXFOLIANTING: Organic granulated sugar in any cleanser

  • BLEMISH TREATMENT: Baking Soda paste (Seriously, it works)

Fabulous Consumer Products-MAKEUP

  • Concealer: L’Oreal True Match Concealer

  • Bronzer: Physicians Formula (I recommend any of them)

  • Blush: NYX

  • Eye shadow: NYX Shadows

  • Primer: NYX Primers

  • Gloss: NYX Lip Glaze

  • Mascara for sensitive eyes: Physician Formula

  • Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous

  • Foundation:

  • Light wear - TruMatch.

  • Full Coverage - Revlon PhotoReady (ironically PhotoReady is not great for pictures, has SPF in it and washes you out on camera).

  • Eyeliner:

  • Pencil - L’Oreal Infallible Silk

  • Retractable -NYX

  • Setting Powder: NYC High Definition Translucent Powder

  • Makeup Remover:

  • Garnier Makeup Wipes

  • Harmon’s Makeup remover (in bottle)

  • BB/CC Cream: I have really sensitive skin and BB/CC creams give me cystic acne. However, before the skin issues come up, I do like Garnier BB/CC creams the best. Super light and fades into skin nicely.

Fabulous Consumer Products-HAIR

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: ORX (Formerly Organix - Paraben FREE!)

  • Fine Hair: Coconut Water Line

  • Thinning Hair: Collagen Booster Line

  • Un-manageable Hair: Keratin Line

  • Hairspray:

  • Setting: Aussie Instant Freeze (I know, weird right? But, seriously, it’s awesome and is great for buns! My hair doesn’t move or get frizzy)

  • Shaping: Garnier Setting Spray

  • All other styliers:

  • Garnier or L’Oreal Paris*

*Tip- L’Oreal owns professional and consumer hair products. Their consumer lines are VERY close to their professional line. Garnier & L’Oreal Paris products are as good as their Matrix and Redken products!

Ah-Mazing Luxury Products-MAKEUP

  • Concealer: Laura Mercer Secret Concealer Pot

  • Foundation:

  • Makeup Forever, HD Foundation

  • Skin Break-out Makeup: Clinique Acne Solutions- Ah-MAZING. Clears my breakouts, while concealing them!

  • Blush: NARS Matte

  • Eye shadow: MAC pigments, matte, any of them! MAC Shadows are the best!

  • Primer: Laura Mercier, Original

  • Gloss: Lancôme Juicy Tube or MAC Lip-glass

  • Lipstick: Nars, MAC (any of them!)

  • Mascara for sensitive eyes: Clinique Volume

  • Mascara: MAC Haute and Naughty (Dries out quickly, though)

  • Bronzer: Nars (Any)

  • Eyeliner: MAC Gel, MAC Retractable

  • Setting Powder: MAC Prep and Prime Setting Powder, Translucent

Ah-Mazing Professional Products-HAIR

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Fine/Thin: Bumble & Bumble Thickening

  • Curly: Matrix Total Results Curl

  • Coarse: unmanageable: Biolage KeratinDose

  • Stylers

  • Curls: Kenra Curl Line

  • Blow-Outs: Matrix Oil Wonders Line- All of them!

  • Volume: BigSexy products- all of them!

  • Hair Spray:

  • Setting: BigSexy

  • Shaping: Vavoom Setting Spray

Some other of My Favorite Tips

  • Use a shaping hairspray to set your makeup. It’s the same ingredients are Urban Decay setting spray.

  • For bags under your eyes, go back to old faithful, Prep H!

  • Dry cuticles? Dip in coconut oil. Dry anything, coconut oil.

  • Use eyeshadow to fill in your brows, it looks the most natural.

  • Do your concealer in a V under your eyes to really blend out the undereye bags.

  • Use white liner to make your eyes look larger and more “awake”

  • Warm skintone (green veins in your arms):

  • Use gold tones, not silvers

  • Use peachy or maroon blush, not PINK

  • Use dark browns instead of black shadows ( It lessens the harshness of your under-eye circles)

  • Cool skintone (Blue veins)

  • Do the opposite of olive skin! Use silvers

  • Use pink blush

  • Use blacks not brown for more of a pop.

  • Zit? Use a bobbypin to pop it, not your fingers

  • Dry hair? You heard me, coconut oil. Just seeing if you’re paying attention!

  • SPF is great for your skin…unless you’re expecting to be in front of a camera all day. SPF washes washes out your skin in photos. So, make sure your makeup artist knows no SPF on your big wedding day!

  • Sensitive Teeth Whitening Treatment: Peroxide on a q-tip once a day. Personally, I can’t recommend anything else because any other treatment hurt my gums so much; I never made it to any results. Peroxide works, though!

  • Sensitive Gum Toothpaste: Arm & Hammer Sensitive Whitening

  • Cavity Prone- ACT Fluoride Mouthwash (Totally Helps!)

  • Eat all your colors in fresh produce

  • Drink 64 ounces of water a day for hydrated, clear skin!

  • Collagen and Biotin vitamins only work if you take a multi-vitamin with it.

That should do it! Till next time my loves!

xoxo Christina

Have an idea for a blog post or want me to report on something specific? Email or message me to let me know!

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