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Bikini Body Tea

Desperate measures.

What are these teas for?

They are to clean out your GI tract so that you can get rid of toxins and feel less bloated.

How does it taste

Like ass. Unsweetened tea, mixed with ass.

How do I make it?

I boil a pot of hot water, put 4 tea bags to steep. Wait for it to cool. Fill up an ice tea container with the cooled tea and add ice. One 12 ounces glass in the am for 1 week.

Then what?

Be by the bathroom. It aint cute.

Did you feel better?

Honestly, I felt dehydrated, but I was no longer bloated. No surge of energy or anything. Did surpress my appetite, though!

Do I recommend?

I mean...I don't NOT recommend it. I think that if you are a health conscious person and eat clean...this is unnecessary. However, I think if you are that person who went on vacation and drank and ate like crap, this might help clean you out. I think its great for someone who is trying to adjust to a healthier life style, to kick it off.

Did I lose weight?

One pound. I feel like I should have lost 20 by how much time I spent in the bathroom.

Where did I order?

Amazon :)

Love to you all!!! Christina


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