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Alright. I can deal with my body being completely deformed from having children. I adapted my wardrobe to hide the stretch marks and my eternally “3 month pregnant” looking belly. I got two little beautiful (crazy) girls out of it and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

But… I draw the line at going bald. I don’t know if it was carrying two children that set it off, but come on man!


There is literally NOTHING on the market. Not even professionals have an answer. I’ve been on blog after blog. Tried trend after trend… “rub gypsy oil on your scalp, it’ll promote regrowth”. Crap, crap, CRAP!

I bought Rogaine...then I punked out when I found that it has connections to heart disease. I’m upset about my thinning hair line...but definitely not enough that I'll risk having a heart attack.


After about 5 months, I decided that it MUST be hereditary. Most of the women on my mom and father's side have very thin hair. I decided to dive into why, “what the heck is it that made most of us start thinning after kids, or after our 30’s?”

This is what I found….

DHT, a derivative of the male hormone testosterone, is the enemy of hair follicles on your head. Under normal conditions, women have a minute fraction of the level of testosterone that men have, but even a lower level can cause DHT- triggered hair loss in women


The solution seems simple now, right? No!? Okay, here we go.

If the issue is DHT...then lets block the bastards.


I feverishly searched for 5 star reviews. I’ve tried a million supplements, “Sugar-Bear Hair” (thanks for nothing, Kardashians), “Biotin”, blah blah blah.

The one supplement that came out on top was “Hair Rush”. Corniest name EVER, must not work, right?

Wrong! At $60.00 a month, for a 60 day supply… I would forgo my contacts before I cut the corner with this supplement.

You can buy them on Amazon, however, I never quite trust the site for anything I’m going to ingest. It’s really easy to purchase fake products off of Amazon (aka diversion).

I purchase on Vitamin Shoppe or Walmart. You won’t find them for cheaper than 60.00, believe me, I did the leg work.


Postpartum. As if you're not going through enough as a new mom or a seasoned mom with another baby. You’ve got a mattress between your legs, you look like a Shar-Pei under your clothes, you're completely exhausted….and now… your hair is coming out in clumps. One could only describe as the scene from the “Craft”.


Here’s the deal. When your pregnant, your body goes into “protection mode”. The daily shed most people have, about 50-100 hairs a day, is not happening. Think about you remember cleaning your drain out when you were pregnant?? NOPE! Thats why your “pregnancy hair” is so thick and shiny. It’s on borrowed time! Postpartum shed is your body ultimately catching up on lost time.

HOWEVER, shedding after 8 months is no longer postpartum….your testosterone levels could be wacky, therefore increasing your DHT!




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