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Flesh Colored Bumps on my Forehead

Flesh colored bumps on your forehead? Sorry Sweetcheeks...It’s not acne….

Every single year it happens to me. For some reason mine are more prominent in the summer. I figured, being a Rodan+ Fields whore, I could clear it up with something I offered. Afterall, I’m selling the fountain of youth, it works on everything else. I tried the Soothe Regimen. Nope. I tried the Unblemish Regimen. Nope. I tried scrubbing with Microdermabrasion paste until my skin was raw. NOPE. What the hell??

Being I’m me, I had to get to the bottom of it. I started doing some research. The more I dove in here’s what I found..… sit tight, I’m about to pee in your cheerios….

My dry shampoo was causing these disgusting complexion killing bumps on my forehead. Anything….but….my….dry shampoo.


Forehead rashes are often the result of infectious diseases, which can include the following: Bacterial infections; for example, an infection that is caused by streptococcal or staphylococcal bacteria. ... Folliculitis, an infection or inflammation of a hair follicle on the forehead.


No problem. You’re spraying powder on your hair which is masking the oils in your hair. If you're removing or drying up the oils in your hair and scalp that your body produces to protect itself and nourish your skin, your throwing off your skin’s natural PH ( sound familiar ladies?? We NEVER want to throw off our PH somewhere else, either). As a result, you gain….a yeast infection on your forehead. Yeah. You read that right.

Why is it worse in the summer for me? Because I sweat like a hog in the summer and it makes my hair look dirty...and then I spray dry shampoo. 50. Times. A. Day.


I thought some more. Three and a half years have passed since my first child and a las’ , one of my painful mommy moments has come to use in my adult life.

When my girls got a REALLY bad diaper rash, their pediatrician told me that the PH of their skin has been thrown off. The diaper rash at that point had become a fungal infection. They prescribe nystatin to treat it. Cool.


Take it easy, I’m getting to the good stuff. So. At the time, I didn’t feel like lugging to the Dr. because of a butt rash…. so I researched and found out if there were any over the counter products that could treat a fungal infections on their coolies. Behold the solution.



I kid you not. $7 bucks, 2 times a day for 3 days...buh bye you annoying little bastards. Eat my shorts dermatologist.

(Mic Drop)



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