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Hi My Beloved Readers!

Okay. We've tackled Derma Rolling. What's next?

If you've followed me, you would know I have throned myself Queen of oil cleansing. I stand by it. It's a great, natural way to balance your skin, naturally and for nearly 3 years I have been ever so attached to it.

But, the time has come... oil cleansing isn't doing it for me anymore. My days of mixing potions in my kitchen like a gypsy are behind me. It's time to let the professionals step in. I've worked in the beauty industry too long to trust anything that says it will reverse aging or prevent it.. unless it is an SPF, retinol, peptides or plastic surgery. That consumer brand "miracle cream" with patented technology? Marketing propaganda. I know...I used to create the magazine, in-store and online ads. For real. Ask your dermatologist, I did. It's a bunch of bologna.

Bottom line.... If a dermatologist told me rubbing my kids dirty diaper on my face would slow the aging process down..... you could find me on my Friday nights..... digging through my Diaper Genie....

This is the longest blog I've written thus far. Bear with me.

Enough, fun. My next beauty experiment- R + F

Like you, at one time or another, I've rolled my eyes at the army of R+F consultants. Another product that does wonders, blah blah blah. A milli

on posts on Facebook about whatever new super expensive product that was going to change my life. Coincidentally, I met a woman who I become instant soul sisters because we run parallel lives at home and have the same passion for blatant honesty. I later found out that she was a consultant...the operative word being "later" since She didn't shove the product down my throat. One night, I stared at her glowing skin and she finally said, “just try it” and gave me a sample. When she talked about the products, her skin was a testament to its functionality. This woman has 2 little kids, is a full-time special needs teacher and runs her R+F business, like a boss. If she wasn't passionate about these products, there's no way she'd be successful...or have great skin for that matter.

I ran home and squeezed every last drop out of the sample packet. Do yourself a favor...don't even try it if you're not ready to clear your bank account out so you can have every single product they make. Instantly I dove into this blog.

For those of you who don't know what R+F is, let's give you a quick, as little boredom factor as possible, on the products and the creators. Don't care? Zoom past to my experience to get to the good stuff.

Essentially, 2 very credible dermatologists created it. Remember Proactive? Well, them. They tackled the acne industry in the 90's and have been taking over skin care in its totality. Actually, R+F was bought out by Este Lauder in 2009...eventually buying itself back and launching their most recent line which has apparently climbed quickly to one of the most valued face lines in the U.S. These two Dr.'s have created a line of time machines, in a bottle. Jam packed with retinol, peptides and corrective glory.

Fact: Rodan is the #1 skincare line in the U.S. Number ONE. WTF? When did this happen? In a land of La Mer, La Rosh Posey, and Clinique....R+F told them all to suck it.

R+F Army

Ultimately, these consultants were customers who tried the product...fell in love with its results...we're going to rave anyway, so may as well make a buck while doing it. In fact, the line used to be in department stores...but was taken out to be given to consultants and their business grew immensely. It's amazing what a little passion can do.

Think I'm being dramatic....Google R+F. Then come back to this blog.....

Keep going.....

I'll wait...

A little more......

Done? Okay cool. So you're with me. The only complaints I found was on their customer service and immediate break-out's.

Customer Service Fail: If you are purchasing from a credible shouldn't have to worry about your customer service. If you just throw money at someone you don't know, well...duh. When you meet a credible, capable consultant, she should be excited to share the success and take the time to support you. No problem with grilling her for a skin diagnosis and in depth explanation of the product. If she can't help you...I'd move on. Ultimately, that's why they make commission on their sales. R+F leaves it up to the consultant to provide customer service, educate, diagnose, and manage your orders.

Break-outs: Anyone, who knows anything about your skin knows that at first you breakout because your skin is purging toxins, then it clears and stays clear. It's science. These people had issues with dryness. Duh, again. It's got medication in it to clear up that giant white head on your face...zits or some extra moisturizer....I wonder....

Let's get into my experience....

Sample of the Redefine Clay Mask: First, the clay mask. It has super tiny little beads that your scrub with, and then you let it sit on your skin for approx 2 minutes. I'm a multi-tasker so I brushed my coffee stained teeth in between and WOOLAH! Time to wash off. My face felt impeccably clean.

Redefine Night Serum: What in God's creation is this? It's so feels like touching a puppy ear. It's the only way I can describe it. No, seriously...I've been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to come up with nouns to describe it, all I've got is puppy ear.

My skin didn't feel oily. It didn't feel heavy. It felt like a baby's tush. I almost felt like I instantly got know, in my head.

There was a lip serum in this. Instant healing power. Silk, again. Puppy ear.

1 Time usage.... I saw a difference. Not just clean. GLOWING.

Bottom Line....

I purchased Reverse Rebrightening. I'm told I will continue to see gradual results, but it does take 60 days to see the full effect. I'm already in love. And guess what? It came with a derma-roller! Except... this one isn’t from a sketchy Amazon's a patented professional company, made by a Dr.

Worried about spending all this money and not loving it? I was too. Luckily, there is a 60 return policy. It's not cheap, but if you have ever begged your dermatologist for retinol or acne miracles (which is not covered by insurance) this 4 step regimen is definitely cheaper. For my line, I paid 180.00 for a 2 month supply. I thought of it this way... $3.00 a day for great skin? I'll bite the bullet and see how it goes. I'm no dummy. If after 45 days I'm not seeing a grand result...tootles and my money back. In all honesty, it’s been 4 days and I already see a difference, so my gut is it will only get better.

Stay tuned for my follow-up blog on my success or fail. To be continued....

xoxo Christina

Have an idea for a blog post or want me to report on something specific? Email or message me to let me know!

*Christina Trotta is a beauty blogger with no medical or dental education. The article is based solely on personal experience and readers should use the recommended product at their own discretion. Christina Trotta is not responsible for any liabilities associated with this product.

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