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Waist Training Review

Okay, Ladies. I’ll admit it. I was super skeptical about this one. After all, how much can we really trust a Kardashian? Ultimately, I was at the point of nearly a year after my daughter was born, I had lost 10 more pounds that I had actually gained during my pregnancy and my waist still wasn’t what it once was. So, I bit the bullet and ordered my waist cincher (not before I convinced my best friend, Tara, to embark on the adventure with me!).

Here’s a little background of my lifestyle:

I eat organic as often as possible, keep to 9% fat to calories ratio, consume about 1,500 calories a day, exercise 5 days a week. I rarely drink alcohol and try to limit my sweets intake to family occasions.

Overall, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, so this is me attempting to shove myself into skinny without having to diet.

After I did a ton of research, I found that you can take two routes:

  • Healthy and Patient- Order the correct size for your measurements, wear the cincher no more than 8 hours a day, don’t move the cincher a size down before 2 weeks

  • Health scare worthy and intolerant ( Dr. Oz gets me every time*)- Order the size smaller than your measurements, wear the cincher 8-12 hours a day, and move the cincher down as often as possible.

I ordered from a site called Within 5 days my waist cincher had arrived and it was freaky looking. My waist is a 29”, so I ordered the 26-29” cincher. The material is latex, there are about 100 clips and there’s bowing surrounding the piece. I took a deep breath and decided the next day I would start, the healthy way.

Day 1

I put the waist cincher on around 11:00am. It wasn’t too bad. I had a hard time driving because I’m a sloucher. The cincher literally eliminates your slouch. You slouch…you can’t breathe. So, it was fixing my potential future hunchback problem while helping me “cinch” my waist back.

After an hour, I nearly forgot it was on… nearly. You are reminded often that it is in fact there because you’re sweating and you have to go to the bathroom much more often than usual. Even so, not as bad as I thought!

I made myself egg whites around 1, and half way through couldn’t finish. Another plus, it makes you feel full much faster.

After 4 hours I decided I deserved a pat on the back and took it off. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was until I took it off. My torso was drenched in sweat and I smelt like I had run a marathon. I thought to myself, well, I guess it’s working! After I took it off I realized how hungry I was!

Day 2

Followed the same routine as the day before, except today it was warm and I couldn’t wear a hoodie. You could blatantly see I was wearing some hardware under my shirt. So, besides being embarrassed occasionally when my rubber corset popped out from under my shirt, today was like the day before. I made it 4 hours and took it off.

Day 3-5

Repeat. I cannot make it more than 4 hours. I discovered that I was in fact uncomfortable, but was trying to tell myself that I wasn’t. In the end, I came to terms with the fact that my daily countdown to the 4 hour mark was me lying to myself. The only thing I can compare it to is the feeling of wearing spanx. Now imagine wearing 50 pairs of spanx at once and how excited you would be to take those 50 pairs off. Get where I’m going?

Day 5-7

Skipped the weekend, I was too embarrassed for my husband to see that I was doing this.

Day 7-10

Repeat and tried to work-out with it on. COULD. NOT. BREATHE. No thanks….

Day 11

Measured my waist. I had gone from a 29 to a 28” waist without really trying! I did half of what I was recommended to do and skipped days, and still lost an inch.

Let’s call this an underachiever test. After I had lost an inch, and not being able to try any harder, I must say this product works. Latex is an intricate detail in this method, along with diet and exercise. Did I put that thing back on after I lost an inch? Hell no. I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t need my old waist back that bad. I do recommend this method if you have patience and a loose wardrobe.

xoxo Christina

Have an idea for a blog post or want me to report on something specific? Email or message me to let me know!

* I recommend the healthy version of the weight loss method. Watch the clip from Dr. Oz if you’re thinking about doing this the unhealthy way, you’ll change your mind immediately.

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