Derma Rolling

Hey-a Ladies (and maybe some Gents),

Ughhhh. What the hell happens in your thirties??? It's harder to lose weight, gravity is taking over and my skin doesn't naturally glow on its own! I've had it! I have decided I am very much over the dull, gray washed look I have going on. Summer is almost here and usually I'm beyond enthusiastic to get some color in these olive cheeks....tan heals all ugly in this Jersey Girl's eyes. This year is a little different, though. Some color would be nice, but something has changed. My under-eye circles have become my entire face, I'm starting to see fine lines and pregnancy graced me with hyper pigmentation over my lip (again).

Before I even think about the expensive wonders of Botox or Rejuvaderm, I wanted to try my absolute best to correct my sallow look myself. After a ton of research, I came across dermarolling. Brace yourself, this is freaking weird.


A handheld roller covered in micro-needles. The device ranges from .25mm to 1.5m


Dermarolling creates very small punctures on the skins surface. Your skin will become stimulated by the puncture and begins to create new collagen. Essentially, the tiny punctures encourage your skin to heal itself treating those imperfections and regenerating.


Welp, it doesn't feel good. I can compare the pain level to brow threading...all over your face.


To correct and plump fine lines, dark spots, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, under eye circles and overall skin texture.


  1. Purchase a very small needle to start.I personally started with a .25mm.Honestly...I have no intent on buying anything bigger for my face.

  2. Wash your dermaroller with rubbing alcohol to sanitize. I dip mine in a shot glass, just to be safe.You want this to be perfectly clean.

  3. Wash your face with a mild cleanser (I oil cleanse) and add your favorite moisturizer.I have been using pure hyaluronic acid.I tell you all about that in my next blog!

  4. Gently roll the dermaroller vertically, horizontally and diagonally no more than 10 times over your skin including under eyes, lips.Be sure to avoid your eyelids.

  5. Spray or dip your dermaroller with rubbing alcohol and store in a plastic case.

  6. Replace your dermaroller every month.


  1. Do too often.I made the mistake of doing two days in a row. I woke up at 3am with what looked like a bad filler job because I was SO swollen. Wait at least a week before you give it another go.

  2. Roll your eyelids. Leave them alone. They are a lost cause. Your eyelid skin is too thin, and dull skin is not reason to go blind.

  3. Push into your skin.Roll gently, only.

  4. Forget to sanitize.You’re puncturing your skin.If you don't follow the proper sanitization process your could wind up with a nice and fancy infection.


My skin is sore...similar to how you feel after a sunburn. But, if my skin looks like this, I'll take a sunburn any day. My skin is plump, my skin tone is more even, and under my eyes even looks brighter. I'm instantly obsessed. I'll admit, I was skeptic myself...but here I am....rolling needles into my face...with a smile.


Surprise, surprise. I purchased on Amazon. Top salon 540 Home Use Facial Skin Care Tools (.25mm)

Worked great, I am happy with it! I'll probably use it once a week.

xoxo Christina

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*Christina Trotta is a beauty blogger with no medical or dental education. The article is based solely on personal experience and readers should use the recommended product at their own discretion. Christina Trotta is not responsible for any liabilities associated with this product.

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