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Charcoal Suction Mask

Hello my loves!

As I continue my Charcoal extravaganza... I'm moving into the critically acclaimed Charcoal Suction Mask.

I was hesitant... did anyone else see that video of the woman wincing in pain as her friend hysterically ripped the mask off her face? I'm no dummy... I put the mask on alone, locked in my bathroom.

Was it as bad as it looked?

Here's the deal, I won't lie to you. It sucked.

Why you would use it....

To remove black heads and toxins from your skin.

Why charcoal works....

Throughout the day daily toxins clog our pores. When your pores aren't clear, your complexion suffers. Activated charcoal, when used as a mask, binds to the skin and removes dirt from your pores leaving your complexion bump and black head free.


Apply a thick layer of the suction mask to your skin. Do yourself a favor...put a little extra over that lip hair and none near your brows. After approximately 15 minutes the mask will feel tight and dry. Chug a glass of wine and get to peeling. The mask should come off in one piece as tears stream down your face. If it breaks off into multiple pieces, it's no big deal.

Can't take the pain? Steam the mask off with a hot towel.

The aftermath...

My skin was a little sore, similar to the feeling you have after wax. The product gave me a great glow and my skin looks awesome still, 4 days post use.

The brand I used....

Admittedly, I am an Amazon junkie (Prime, Bitches!). I used Nylea

This brand worked great, I am happy with it! I'll probably use it once a week.

xoxo Christina

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*Christina Trotta is a beauty blogger with no medical or dental education. The article is based solely on personal experience and readers should use the recommended product at their own discretion. Christina Trotta is not responsible for any liabilities associated with this product.

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