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Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Okay Ladies, I had to try it. I've raved about oil for your face and the benefits of trying oil cleansing... so why wouldn't something as bizarre as using charcoal on your teeth to whiten them make sense?

I am very happy to report, it's awesome!

I have very sensitive teeth and am unable to use the conventional whiteners including; whitening strips, lights, bleach, or whatever else the beauty industry has come up with. At the risk of sounding like a wuss, the amount of pain my mouth faced after using these products was ridiculous. I even found myself having difficulty chewing from some of them. Luckily, I have found that using the charcoal left me with 0 negative side effects, when I used it periodically.

How it works...

Charcoal is highly absorbent. Hospitals have it on hand to remove toxins (alcohol, drugs) from people’s systems. It is able to absorb bacteria, toxins and staining.


Dip your damp toothbrush into the powder, scrub your teeth for about 2 minutes. Follow-up with your regular toothpaste.

And then what?

Your teeth are whiter, that's what. After one brush my teeth felt super clean and I could see that they were brighter. After 3 once a day uses, I lifted about 3 shades.

But Dont...

Go overboard. I got a little over zealous after a few uses and my gums started to feel "raw". The double up of the charcoal and then toothpaste is too much.

Use the product once for 3 days max. You don't want to take any healthy enamel off your teeth. Then use the charcoal once, every 2 weeks to maintain.

Which brand do I recommend?

I ordered right off of Amazon, Living Earth " Black Pearl" Whitening Charcoal for $20.00. its a nice sized jar that I anticipate will last me at least a year.

Tune in for my next Charcoal experience... the suction mask! Its Charcoal Month!

xoxo Christina

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*Christina Trotta is a beauty blogger with no medical or dental education. The article is based solely on personal experience and readers should use the recommended product at their own discretion. Christina Trotta is not responsible for any liabilities associated with this product.

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