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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Day Make-Up Artist

This is a toughie. I get it. A makeup artist is one of the last things to do on your official wedding planning “to do list”. You think the whole time that it’s not a big decision. I’m unfortunately about to burst your bubble. This is infact a HUGE decision. Let me tell you why….

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Great artists are great because they are well-known and have a ton of experience. Key word? Experience. How do you get experience? By having a lot of clients. What do a lot of clients mean? It means they are booked months, in advance. What am I trying to say to you? Waiting 1 month before your wedding is a huge risk. Start looking for your artist at least 6 months in advance.

  2. Be careful. This is a multi-million dollar industry. Many people see “bride” and immediately increase their prices. Check on-line in your area that your artist is not taking advantage of you or your position. That’s not to say some artists are not worth hundreds on your big day. Some very much ARE. However, make sure they are investing time. Next point….

  3. Choose an artist that is looking to invest time: It’s your big day and a makeup artist is expensive. Make sure your artist is ready to invest time in you leading up to your day. Quickly, I’d like to explain a very invested artist’s cost:

  4. Updated training on newest trends

  5. They prepare custom contract documentation to protect themselves and YOU.

  6. Phone/email/text consultation’s available.

  7. Communication through-out the planning process

  8. Preparation work on developing your custom look

  9. Will provide custom schedule for your event

  10. Full kit with shades/colors to accommodate each skin type/skin color

  11. Will purchase touch-up products for your event

  12. Replenishment of luxury product makeup used at your event

  13. Time to travel to your location to accommodate your schedule

  14. Why a cheap artist is a bad idea in my book: As an artist, and from experience, I can tell you that it is VERY expensive to be one. I invest a ton of time into my clients and my work. If an artist is low in cost it usually means they are not experienced, not looking to invest time in you or even worse…. are not using the correct [expensive] products. When deciding on an artist, ask them what products they use and make sure it’s true. If they are using your basic drug store product, your look will not last and is likely not to photograph very well.

  15. Always have a trial: So often I have brides ask me to skip their trial to avoid a trial fee. Truly, the biggest mistake you can make. Think of it this way, you are about to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding. This is your big day. You visited 10’s of hundreds of floral designers, videographers, photographers, cake designers and venues. Why would you want to avoid meeting and prepping with someone who is going to control the way your face is going to look on that day? Just made you feel silly, didn’t I?

  16. Make sure you clique: Choose an artist that you feel comfortable with. Your wedding day is high anxiety. If you don’t feel comfortable with your artist on a personal level, it will add to your nerves! You need to feel completely relaxed with them.

  17. Understand a makeup artist’s technique: Anyone can say that they are a makeup artist. Watch a few YouTube videos and ta-da! I’m an artist. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. True, professional artists, have been trained on how to accent your features, prep your skin, and keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Having an eye on how to accent someone’s face comes with a ton of practice and training that cannot be taught through instructional videos. Check the artists’ reviews. Check their portfolio. Don’t be afraid to ask where and how they became an artist.

Hope this helps, gorgeous ladies! ​

xoxo Christina

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