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Beauty 101

The Beauty 101 course is devoted to an everyday woman who wants to have a better understanding of caring for her skin and how to properly apply her every makeup.

Saturday, January 18th | 2:00pm-4:00pm

Lincoln Park, NJ

$100.00 per person

Beverages and Goodies served

Course Overview

  • Skin prep and skin care routines

  • Color matching your foundation 

  • Understanding you undertone

  • Color match your concealer

  • Make it last 

    • Primers and sunscreen

  • Concealer prep

  • Application

    • Filling and shaping your brows

    • Eyes

      • Prep

      • My shape eyes

    • The no-cake foundation look

    • Setting your makeup

  • Christina Trotta's makeup bag must-haves

  • Night Skin-Care Routines

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